poured concrete basement

One of the least expensive ways to add space to any building is by pouring a basement. In a typical basement, most of the wall surface is below grade. In Alabama and much of the southeastern U.S., topography frequently makes it possible to have walk-out basements that are very usable as living space. Properly constructed basements add to the value of your property.

Concrete Formed Walls has built basements in all situations. We are committed to building basements that are trouble free. 

Some of the most important factors are:

Water Proofing: Although concrete is inherently a water resistant material, over time water can damage concrete. Applying waterproofing material to the concrete prior to backfill is essential.

Water Drainage: Any time you are building livable areas below grade, there will be some ground water. We use the recommended drain tiles, gravel fills, and containment fabrics to ensure that water is pulled away from the foundation and dissipated.

Soil Preparation: When digging basements it's essential to check the soils, remove any organic, non-load bearing soils and then, before putting in the footings and slab, to lay a bed of bearing materials such as sand and gravel, depending on the situation. 

Steel Reinforcement: Steel rebars in the walls, and steel mesh in the floor ensure the structural integrity of your basement. 

FinishingOur staff makes sure the finish of your concrete floor is ready to accept any flooring you wish to install - or you may wish to apply a finish directly to the concrete. Polished concrete floors can be beautiful.

Control Joints:  We can use sawcut or integral control joints. Concrete expands and contracts, so control joints are needed to keep the concrete from cracking.

Curing Concrete: To cure properly, concrete must be monitored after the pour. There are various methods of curing and we will choose the one that meets the requirements of the site, schedule and weather conditions. 

Call us to add value to your next project with a worry-free basement!

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